It’s clear that Coronavirus has impacted the live audience industry, so we think it’s time for a new marketing strategy

To change the way you exhibit

There are of course many benefits to exhibiting, the main one being it is a great form of face to face marketing. But today this traditional way of exhibiting has been disrupted.

Now is a good time to exhibit virtual, at a show that will never get cancelled. An online virtual exhibition stand will not only save you a shed load of money but can promote your business to an international audience.

Remove the on-site risks and give visitors the ability to view and interact with your virtual exhibition booth on their desktop and mobile.

This platform is not designed to replace the live experience, as humans we will always crave that physical hands on engagement. But virtual technology can be used to bridge the gap when physical is not always possible.

We have used it so you can still catch up with the latest product developments in a visually stimulating environment. With no time restrictions and no salesperson watching you. The visitor is control.

And just think of the all things you won’t have to put up with:

Stand build costs and waste, outrageous electrics and internet fees, logistic costs, travel and accommodation costs, car parking fees, health and safety rules and regulations, hangover, bad back, tired feet, expensive coffee, public toilets, social distancing, face masks, useless data pens, bad weather, time away from your family and many more.

Are you ready to Exhibit Virtual?